O'Higgins - Ó hUigin - d'Eguino

Uí hUigin - Ó hUigin - O'Higgins - Higgins

Ohio 2010

Clan Honours War Heroes 2010


There were two SAR ceremonies held in Ohio on 31st July to honour Col. Robert Higgins and Pvt. William Higgins. The first ceremony in honour of Col. Robert Higgins was held at 09.30am at Higginsport Cemetery, Higginsport, Ohio. The village of Higginsport was founded by Colonel Robert Higgins, a Revolutionary War Officer who received 1,000 acres of land for his services to the country. Colonel Higgins, who was born in Virginia, left his large plantation on the South Branch of the Potomac River, and emigrated with his family to Kentucky in 1798 - across the river from his survey in Lewis Township, OH. Col. Higgins and his family crossed the Ohio River in spring of 1799, and occupied a crude cabin in what is now the village of Higginsport. Mrs. Mary Higgins (nee Joliffe), who died in 1806, was the first person buried in the Higginsport Cemetery. Subsequently, Col. Higgins donated the land for a public cemetery to the village of Higginsport. The second SAR ceremony in honour of Pvt. William Higgins was also held on 31 July at 14.30pm at the gravesite of Pvt. William Higgins, Prospect Cemetery, Hillsboro, Ohio. Pvt. Higgins is the 6th great grandfather of our clan poet James F. Higgins of Nebraska.


Gravesite of Private William Higgins

Direct descendants of Wm. - John F. Higgins
Rev. David Long-Higgins (playing Danny Boy)
and Matthew Higgins holding music.

Vincent J. Higgins, representing the O'Higgins Clan

SAR Militiamen with Preston Thomas Higgins, direct
descendant of Col. Robert Higgins (wearing Virginia
Military Officer's Uniform - Revolutionary War.

All attending direct descendant of Pvt. William
Higgins with Vincent J. Higgins (far right) representing O'Higgins Clan.

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