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Old Man Winter Jan 2010

Old Man Winter by James F. Higgins

That old man..we call winter..,
arrived a wee bit late
The time he'd lost..'twas soon made up..,
this deep freeze..'tis our fate
Ay..he came in mid-December..,
and ay..he wasn't missed
I guess the old fart's jealous..,
cause damn..he sure seems pissed
It started picture perfect..,
just pretty flakes of snow
Then came the winds..so mighty..,
from the nor-west..they did blow
Drifts formed here..drifts formed there..,
we shoveled night..and day
The sun it hide..'twas little light..,
the sky was dark..and grey
Ay..that old man we call winter
he showed..a wee bit late
And time he'd lost..'twas soon made up..,
a deep freeze..'tis our fate