O'Higgins - Ó hUigin - d'Eguino

Uí hUigin - Ó hUigin - O'Higgins - Higgins

The Causeway

The Causeway by James F. Higgins

 If ye head north-east from Derry-town..,
 there lies the Antrim coast
 'Tis one of many wonders..,
 on which the Irish boast
 It's name.. The Giants Causeway..,
 and it truly is a sight
 Here be a couple stories..,
 you decide whats right
 The first.. it stems from science..,
 'tis what the lab coats say
 Some sixty million years ago..,
 before man had his day
 Off the coast of Ireland..,
 down beneath the sea
 Erupted a volcano..,
 that's how it came to be
 Lava flowed.. some reached the shore..,
 would expand.. and then contract
 The shapes we see are science..,
 THAR.. it is a fact
 Now.. hear the Irish saga..,
 the legend told by lore
 'Twas but.. two thousand years ago..,
 and NO.. not years before
 The champion of Ireland lived..,
 who's name be Finn McCool
 A cailin.. yes old Finn's wife..,
 both were an Irish jewel
 And then there be this Scotsmen..,
 who's name was simply Vern
 Who built himself a causeway..,
 to pillage.. plunder.. burn
 When Vern had done his damage..,
 he searched for our man Finn
 See.. Vern was just a itchin'
 for a rumble to begin
 Old Finn he got to thinkin'..,
 what's with this goofy Scot
 Together with his cailin..,
 they hatched a little plot
 Well Finn he was a big man..,
 two meters.. add ahalf
 So he built himself a cradle..,
 and a fine one he did craft
 Then dressed-up like a sweet young babe..,
 crawled in to test things out
 Just then the door flew open..,
 and Vern began to shout
 The cailin raised her finger..,
 HUSH.. don't wake the babe
 Back out that door.. say not one word..,
 in the distance you'd best fade
 Now Vern he did some thinkin'..,
 if his babe be seven feet
 his daid must be a huge man..,
 and I sure don't care to meet
 He turned.. ran back to Scotland..,
 then pulled the causeway up
 What's left behind.. is what is seen..,
 Not.. volcano's that erupt
 So head north-east from Derry-town
 you'll find the Antrim coast
 You'll find a land.. a wonder..,
 on which the Irish boast